Research services

iWadi research services give you access to 19 million panelists in over 70 countries. Thanks to cooperation with Cint AB we provide services on the highest level and give you access to one of the biggest online survey panels.

iWadi panel advantages

  • short time needed to conduct research, most of the project are done in 2 – 3 days
  • we can handle any size of the research project
  • survey results available just as the project ends
  • big research sample profiling capabilities
  • high quality, proved by ISO 20252 certificate

Our research services include

  • access to online survey panel
  • research project management
  • survey programming
  • data analysis

Do you need quotation for your project. Do you have questions. Contact us on e-mail:

NOTE. To provide you with the quotation we will need: number of interviews / survey you want to collect, survey length (in minutest and number of questions) and your desired population description (country, region, age, special characters e.g. access to car, preferred way to spend free time).

We are one of the fastest growing online panels in EU. Read more about iWadi online survey panel and Cint.